Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andaman Safari (Eco-nature tours)

We have chosen the full day Andaman Safari Eco-nature tours. The tour cost us THB1200 per person. We started the tour with:-
Elephant ride

Can't believe it!!! I'm riding on an elephant??

Miss Elephant is having its breakfast..

Elle bum bum~ (^o^)/ ~woot-woot~

The hairy elephant that gave me a goose-bump!!! yukies!! i will never wear shorts when riding on an elle!! The elle's fur are so thick!!!

Monkey show

"Sawadee ka".. Even a monkey knows how to greet..

Hehehe... me being so motherly...

Baby Gibbon "Daddy, me want hug hug..", Isn't that's cute? (I mean the baby gibbon...)

The scary gibbon face is clearly seen when it's my turn holding it.. (This is so not true, the baby gibbon really loves it when it's my turn holding it.. )

Time to feed the monkey(s) with banana(s).. 1 comb of banana cost us THB100.
Karon view point

Amazingly Phuket~~


Cashew nut Orchard


This is what i called "vacation"~ got people kayak for you- relaxing isn't it? Look at Teerak, he seems to enjoy it...LOL

Bangpee Waterfall + Gibbon rehabilitation center

300 m?? it was like 3km for me...

Thought Teerak would be the first person to arrive at the waterfall...and guess what? Me reached before him..this photo is the proof* He was taking a break when i took this photo* LOL

Yeay... (^o^)/" We finally made it.. Bangpee waterfall here we come. The waterfall is so tempting!!! Feel like jumping into the water, but have been advised by our tour guide not to swim there, not because it is not safe to swim but the water is dirty..very very dirty...

` Protect the gibbon`~ Please do not catch them and keep them as a pet, let them live freely in the jungle..BUT..the jungle itself is not safe for them. The hunter hunts them and sell them and some even shoot them and kill them. So, better be, just keep them as a pet..i would love to have one..

look at this baby gibbon, cute isnt it? this explains why i would love to have it as a pet..

the END ~ Phuket

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