Monday, February 16, 2009

Food II

We had our dinner at the Yoyo restaurant. Again it was a seafood restaurant. This time we were looking forward to have a fish (ikan) for the main course.

If you want a cheap fish or any cheap seafood in Phuket, all you need is BARGAIN for it....bargain until the waiter ask you "how much (THB per kg) you want?? you give me your price"

We ordered lemongrass steamed karupa fish (the fish was damn hot & spicy= my tongue was almost burned and twisted) it's tasty im telling you, the sweet aroma of lemongrass sprinkled with the sour taste of the lime and the hot & spicy red chili was really a great mixture to the fish!! (The karupa fish is THB 18per/kg)

Apart from the lemongrass steamed fish, we also ordered the stir fried morning glory leaves (kangkung) and BBQ cockles. Yum yum, it was really satisfying!!! (THB50++ for the dinner)




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