Monday, February 16, 2009

Khai island

Teerak is pretending taking a nap here with a smile some more..

Khai island is simply the best for snorkeling and sightseeing.

Khai island was the last island we stopped by. 2 hours at the island is not enough, *sob* sob* how i wish i can stay even longer.


Feeding the fishes is a must thing to do at Khai island. The fishes are very tame..a school of fish will come to you if you put your hand filled with bread into the water.

a school of fish hunting for food~

here they come... on their way to bite us...

Excited me, feeding the fishes...


feeding the fishes with my bare foot**

feeding the fishes with yam** bun (it was supposed a bun with yam inside it, unfortunately- it was empty) - it remains a mystery to us- why was it empty..?

The crystal clear water that amazed me..

capturing moment** with Teerak

Khai island is simply the best!!! Yeay!!

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