Thursday, February 5, 2009

Food I

What for breakfast? Me and Teerak, had barbeque for breakfast.. barbeque for breakfast? yea, i know it sounds weird, but who can resist the sweet smell of that barbaque??? it's so tempting!!

Boiled sea snails... not that tasty... but it's fun eating it, cause you need to dig the snail out from its shell with a stick..

Teerak who enjoys eating the sea snails..

Our breakfast: Sea snails, steamed glutinous rice, barbeque pork and papaya salad

Seafood restaurants are like mushroom in Patong. So, when mushrooms are all around you must choose the best one before you eat em' - Tips: do "bargain" for the price. x.o.x.o.

Fresh Oysters - for only THB100

The fingers licking lobster - THB700/kg

A must try beer when you're in Thailand

Drunken me...

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