Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Patong Beach

Red Hot 4 wheels "Toot Toot"s are waiting for customer.."Sawadee kap maam, where you wanna go? Krabi? Phuket town? tour? THB300 only"

A very relaxing ocean view, even a dog finds it's relaxing to lie on the hot sandy beach

Dead fish found..There's no need for you to go for fishing when you're in Phuket because the fish itself will come to you.

Two long legs creatures who attacked Patong Beach
whose legs were those?

who else?

NOINSURANCE - is it a name of a company/brand OR a disclaimer?

Wanna try Parachute? It is THB1000 (i would say this is expensive because you will only be on air less than 10 mins).

Long tail boat - where's the tail?

Thai massage is also available at Patong beach. You can have your butt/ legs/ arms/ body massaged for THB 450 (30mins)

All the beach chairs and the umbrellas are cleared off by 6pm. Time out for sun bathing.

Jet ski-train looks alike ready to leave the beach

Love it to bits when it comes to sun set.

Patong has a vey nice sandy beach. I miss the sun set so much. Miss it the most because Teerak was with me.

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