Monday, February 16, 2009

Patong night life

Do not skip this happening place called Bangla Road. But watch out for the transvestite prostitutes along the road. At Bangla Road, you could find numerous bars, discotheques, and go go club along the road.

The "lady-boys" are dancing like there is no tomorrow

Sexy masculine babe(s) showing off their binoculars... (as big as melon??)

Not real ladies ~ waiting for customers

While we were walking along the Bangla road watching the lady boys dancing ~ We were approached by one Bangla fellow and was told there's a free show ~ It's called "Ping Pong show" a.k.a stripped show. We were amazed with the unique name of the show, as it was for FREE as he told us, we then headed to the club. We ordered 2 bottles of the local beers and guess what??? the small bottle of beer cost us THB 1000!!!!! gosh!!!! we've been cheated!!! out there, the beer is only THB120 for a big bottle and here at the FREE SHOW club it's THB500??? huhuhu, that explains why the show is FREE!! nothing is for free in Patong!! Everything need $$$$.. LOL ~ though the beer was expensive, but the show ~ it's cool.
Believe it or's not just a normal stripped show, but it's more like PUSSY's show..where the ping pong ball, fishes, liltle birds and string we pulled out from the pussy.. huhuhu, the audiences were laughing like hell when the stripper pulling out a liltle bird out from her pussy.. amazing!!! ~ GO and experience it yourself!!!

Bangla road is closed to vehicles starting from 6pm to 4am - By night the road is jammed with pedestrians.

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