Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phi phi island

The must places to go in Phuket>>>>
Phi Phi Island

is - getting your butt off to the Phi Phi Island. Me and Terrak have been wandering around looking for a travel agent which would offer us the best package to Phi Phi island as we didn’t make any reservation nor online booking before the trip. No worries to that, cause you might be amazed as more than 40 travel agents are available in Patong itself..each travel agent have their own price scale which differs from one to another. all you need is - a skill to bargain!!! bargain until you’re satisfied enough with the price.

On the first day itself, after having our lunch at the nearby Thai cuisine restaurant we took our time surveying for the Phi Phi island package tour. After walking from one booth to another booth and bargaining for the price we finally found the cheapest package tour (THB 1300 per person).

It was a tour to the 7 islands - Khai Nai island, Khai Nui Island, Monkey beach, Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Viking Cave, Pi leh Bay. included in the tour are: mask, snorkel, life jacket, guide, soft drink, lunch, full insurance and fins for rental available for request (THB100) -advisable to swim with bare feet if you’re not a good swimmer because the fins will just being a burden to you…

We chose Phi Phi Island Marine Group for our speedboat tour.The speedboat can fit in 20-30 people which is equipped with 225 horse power x 2 outboard, v-tech ultra low emission. The service was a “thumb-up”, the tour guide was very informative and friendly.
Maya Bay
The first island we landed was the Maya Bay- where we went for sightseeing, swimming and exploring the beach. This bay was made famous when it was used as the backdrop for the Hollywood blockbuster “The Beach”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Loh Samah Bay
Next pit stop was Loh Samah Bay. It is one of the truly great spots for snorkeling at the large shallow coral reef. >>Note: Make sure you put on your life jacket, even if you’re a good swimmer - still- you’ll never know what will happened. SAFETY FIRST!!

great spot for snorkeling

Pi Leh Bay
It is a bay surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs. It is the perfect spot for photography.

Viking cave
Stopped by at Viking cave for photo shooting and sightseeing. Viking cave is a natural limestone cave which has been used primarily for the harvesting of swallows nests (the bird’s saliva).

Monkey beach
Countless monkeys call this beach “home”. the monkeys are not that tame so do keep in mind not to touch, harass or batter them because they might attack you.

feeding mr. monkey with the watermelons

The lunch was great, because the restaurant served both Thai and western cuisines.

full & sleepy face of me after having my lunch


KaorU IchibaNa said...

nice spot!!!
how much did u spent to go there?
i really being interested with the beaut!!

Iban lady said...

Are you referring to the tour to the Phi phi island (& the other 7 islands as above)? it cost us RM120++ (THB1300)per-head. At first the agent was asking for THB2500 (RM210++), after me bargain and bargain, she gave us THB1300 per-head. (^-^). Must bargain when you're in Phuket, cos they will definitely take your offer. Many tour-booth(s) offer good packages...

KaorU IchibaNa said...

RM 120 just the cost to go there right?
yep i need to find one agent right away
thx for the information

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