Monday, February 16, 2009

Phuket town

What for breakfast? The "YUMMY-LICIOUS" 3 Layers grilled pork. Available at any hawker stalls along the Patong beach (THB40)

"Red riding hood toot toot" aka mini lorry cum no air-conditioner mini van is available everywhere in Patong.

We took toot~toot to Phuket town. It cost us THB 350 for the journey. Nothing in Phuket town, we found no interesting place to visit. Better be we shop for the souvenirs at the Patong town itself.

Align CenterNot to waste our day in Phuket town, we made a last minutes plan to the Butterflies & Insects garden. It is 10 mins drive from the Tesco lotus, Phuket town. The worker welcomed us with a "sawadee kap" and a glass of cold & chill drink. Just enough to clear my dried throat.The entry fee is THB30 per person. We were given a plate of smashed banana mixed with scented aroma to attract the butterflies plus an insect sticker repellent was sticked on our body as a protection. Various species of butterflies & insects can be found there...Plus the butterflies are so tame..landed on your body smoothly until you fell like you're a blossom flower of the day..(^o^)

Feeding the black & red tilapia fishes is so loving it!!!

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