Monday, August 3, 2009

X-mass SALE in Singapore

Shopping Craze!!! Christmas in Singapore is how you would expect it to be, everything in one package. everything is crazy. the SALE is crazy, the x-mass decoration is crazy. the people also being crazy!!! SALE makes everyone crazy... BEWARE!! get your CASH ready!!! Credit card? BEWARE for the bills that you'll received when month end.

Me and IDH were patiently watching the money exchanger assistant calculating the money, shown there on the flash board- the currency exchange seems to be like RM2.30=1SD, NO NO NO- it wasn't that amount that we got, it was RM2.40=1SD. suddenly we felt like so "miskin" (poor) after exchanging the RM to SD.

This is something that i will never do in Malaysia's LRT (taking photo inside the LRT- it's a BIG- NO NO!!)

Me and IDBY, smilling all the way...

Ooopss, someone looks unhappy here..maybe we've annoyed her OR she just being "kiasu"..

You'll never lost in this city because the map is there to tell you where you are and how to get there... that is what map is meant to be, right?

Candies?? oh, as sweet as me & IDBY...(ehhehehe...)

First day in Singapore, we just went for window shopping..see see, no paper bag, no plastic bag in our hands even after more than 5 hours walking and torturing our eyes with all the super SALE offers.Standing in the middle of the street to take snapshot of the street lights. Kids, don't attempt this anywhere else. I'm not liable for your safety.

Not to miss the MUST eat food in Singapore!!! "SUP TULANG"~

Having the red glossy "King of Soup "Tulang" (Bone)".. King of cholesterol i would named it.

Us being creative!! We are so tourist!!

Excited us with tickets to Night Safari

Night Safari in Singapore turned into a nightmare that night as it was raining! The animal show was canceled. Frustrating!!

Singapore esplanade
: floating colored balloons!! The balloons change its color every 5 minutes.

from PINKY


Really enjoyed my days in Singapore, especially when my friends are around..

Going home with a smile!!!

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