Sunday, October 11, 2009


Everybody can now fly with airasia!!! ~ me promoting airasia?? hahahaha, so true that, with airasia, we can fly anywhere we want as it offers quite affordable fare at the momment.. When everybody can afford to pay for it, everybody can fly anywhere they want, but not everybody can have the meal displayed in the menu.. FRUSTRATING esp when it's a long journey..

Take note: Do keep chickadees, sweets, chocolates, peanuts, muffin etc in your bag, in a case of emergency and your stomach starts drumming, you'll be safe but eat it secretly...

The Bali island is truly picturesque that photos just don't do it justice. Went there early March this year with my friends Punie & Alfred.

We were welcomed by our tour guide, Bapak Khartika who was wearing skirt, i mean "kain sarong". the Denpasar airport.

Bapak Khartika, cat-walking with my luggage..

Stayed at Matahari Hotel, Kuta (Kota untuk Tetamu Australia)

The room is small but clean. Bedsheets & pillow case(s) are all white~ and it makes me feel like i've been admitted to the hospital...

ever heard of "Ayam Tulang lunak?


You may have it here in "Malioboro" restaurant, Kuta

Lunch was at Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro, which is next to Bebek Begil Dirty Duck Diner. As the name implies, the speciality here is their Ayam Tulang Lunak. I have captured the explanation in their menu.

Ayam yang diPRESTO dengan benar, tulangnya akan menjadi LUNAK oleh kerenanya dapat dikonsumsi dengan AMAN. Tulang dan sumsum adalah sumber KALSIUM dan ZAT BESI, konsumsi dalam jumlah yang cukup sangat bermanfaat bagi kesejatan TULANG, GIGI dan jantung.

In short, they claim that their chicken bone which is high in calcium and zinc can be consumed. And in fact, I found that it is so crispy that you couldnt tell that you are actually eating a chicken bone.

Ayam tulang lunak for lunch!! the yummy-licious "can eat chic-bones" really fingers licking..

Sun set at Jimbaran bay. Jimbaran is known as the "golden mile" because of its great white sand bay and selection of high end resorts. One of the cool things to do when in Bali is to eat grilled fish on the beach at Jimbaran Bay in the evening. Jimbaran is only 10 mins taxi ride from Kuta.

Grilled fish, crab, prawns, squids and sea shells...

the very yummy-licious seafood platter ever!!

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