Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andaman Safari (Eco-nature tours)

We have chosen the full day Andaman Safari Eco-nature tours. The tour cost us THB1200 per person. We started the tour with:-
Elephant ride

Can't believe it!!! I'm riding on an elephant??

Miss Elephant is having its breakfast..

Elle bum bum~ (^o^)/ ~woot-woot~

The hairy elephant that gave me a goose-bump!!! yukies!! i will never wear shorts when riding on an elle!! The elle's fur are so thick!!!

Monkey show

"Sawadee ka".. Even a monkey knows how to greet..

Hehehe... me being so motherly...

Baby Gibbon "Daddy, me want hug hug..", Isn't that's cute? (I mean the baby gibbon...)

The scary gibbon face is clearly seen when it's my turn holding it.. (This is so not true, the baby gibbon really loves it when it's my turn holding it.. )

Time to feed the monkey(s) with banana(s).. 1 comb of banana cost us THB100.
Karon view point

Amazingly Phuket~~


Cashew nut Orchard


This is what i called "vacation"~ got people kayak for you- relaxing isn't it? Look at Teerak, he seems to enjoy it...LOL

Bangpee Waterfall + Gibbon rehabilitation center

300 m?? it was like 3km for me...

Thought Teerak would be the first person to arrive at the waterfall...and guess what? Me reached before him..this photo is the proof* He was taking a break when i took this photo* LOL

Yeay... (^o^)/" We finally made it.. Bangpee waterfall here we come. The waterfall is so tempting!!! Feel like jumping into the water, but have been advised by our tour guide not to swim there, not because it is not safe to swim but the water is dirty..very very dirty...

` Protect the gibbon`~ Please do not catch them and keep them as a pet, let them live freely in the jungle..BUT..the jungle itself is not safe for them. The hunter hunts them and sell them and some even shoot them and kill them. So, better be, just keep them as a pet..i would love to have one..

look at this baby gibbon, cute isnt it? this explains why i would love to have it as a pet..

the END ~ Phuket

Monday, February 16, 2009

Patong night life

Do not skip this happening place called Bangla Road. But watch out for the transvestite prostitutes along the road. At Bangla Road, you could find numerous bars, discotheques, and go go club along the road.

The "lady-boys" are dancing like there is no tomorrow

Sexy masculine babe(s) showing off their binoculars... (as big as melon??)

Not real ladies ~ waiting for customers

While we were walking along the Bangla road watching the lady boys dancing ~ We were approached by one Bangla fellow and was told there's a free show ~ It's called "Ping Pong show" a.k.a stripped show. We were amazed with the unique name of the show, as it was for FREE as he told us, we then headed to the club. We ordered 2 bottles of the local beers and guess what??? the small bottle of beer cost us THB 1000!!!!! gosh!!!! we've been cheated!!! out there, the beer is only THB120 for a big bottle and here at the FREE SHOW club it's THB500??? huhuhu, that explains why the show is FREE!! nothing is for free in Patong!! Everything need $$$$.. LOL ~ though the beer was expensive, but the show ~ it's cool.
Believe it or's not just a normal stripped show, but it's more like PUSSY's show..where the ping pong ball, fishes, liltle birds and string we pulled out from the pussy.. huhuhu, the audiences were laughing like hell when the stripper pulling out a liltle bird out from her pussy.. amazing!!! ~ GO and experience it yourself!!!

Bangla road is closed to vehicles starting from 6pm to 4am - By night the road is jammed with pedestrians.

Phuket town

What for breakfast? The "YUMMY-LICIOUS" 3 Layers grilled pork. Available at any hawker stalls along the Patong beach (THB40)

"Red riding hood toot toot" aka mini lorry cum no air-conditioner mini van is available everywhere in Patong.

We took toot~toot to Phuket town. It cost us THB 350 for the journey. Nothing in Phuket town, we found no interesting place to visit. Better be we shop for the souvenirs at the Patong town itself.

Align CenterNot to waste our day in Phuket town, we made a last minutes plan to the Butterflies & Insects garden. It is 10 mins drive from the Tesco lotus, Phuket town. The worker welcomed us with a "sawadee kap" and a glass of cold & chill drink. Just enough to clear my dried throat.The entry fee is THB30 per person. We were given a plate of smashed banana mixed with scented aroma to attract the butterflies plus an insect sticker repellent was sticked on our body as a protection. Various species of butterflies & insects can be found there...Plus the butterflies are so tame..landed on your body smoothly until you fell like you're a blossom flower of the day..(^o^)

Feeding the black & red tilapia fishes is so loving it!!!

Food II

We had our dinner at the Yoyo restaurant. Again it was a seafood restaurant. This time we were looking forward to have a fish (ikan) for the main course.

If you want a cheap fish or any cheap seafood in Phuket, all you need is BARGAIN for it....bargain until the waiter ask you "how much (THB per kg) you want?? you give me your price"

We ordered lemongrass steamed karupa fish (the fish was damn hot & spicy= my tongue was almost burned and twisted) it's tasty im telling you, the sweet aroma of lemongrass sprinkled with the sour taste of the lime and the hot & spicy red chili was really a great mixture to the fish!! (The karupa fish is THB 18per/kg)

Apart from the lemongrass steamed fish, we also ordered the stir fried morning glory leaves (kangkung) and BBQ cockles. Yum yum, it was really satisfying!!! (THB50++ for the dinner)




Khai island

Teerak is pretending taking a nap here with a smile some more..

Khai island is simply the best for snorkeling and sightseeing.

Khai island was the last island we stopped by. 2 hours at the island is not enough, *sob* sob* how i wish i can stay even longer.


Feeding the fishes is a must thing to do at Khai island. The fishes are very tame..a school of fish will come to you if you put your hand filled with bread into the water.

a school of fish hunting for food~

here they come... on their way to bite us...

Excited me, feeding the fishes...


feeding the fishes with my bare foot**

feeding the fishes with yam** bun (it was supposed a bun with yam inside it, unfortunately- it was empty) - it remains a mystery to us- why was it empty..?

The crystal clear water that amazed me..

capturing moment** with Teerak

Khai island is simply the best!!! Yeay!!

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