Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cambodia at first glance - PART I

Some says you must visit Angkor Wat before you die. At first i was wondering, why on earth one says such thing? What is so special about Angkor? Ain't it just a building? Not until i witnessed it myself, Angkor Wat isn't just a building but it's a world most wonder building (temple) ever built.

We took an early flight from LCCT to Siem Reap.

Not to forget the passport (to bring) and the arrival/ departure card(to fill in).

YES! Everyone can now fly with Air Asia including me. I can now fly to Siem Reap with Air Asia.

Got jet-legged a little but still i can smile when it comes to cam-whoring.

~Can you see my wings? Yup, i fly here with my wings. "I believe i can fly....I believe I can touch the sky..."

Our first destination~ Bakong temple.

NOTE: Not to forget to purchase the PASS. Ours is the 3 days PASS which cost USD40. Without the Pass, you may not be able to enter the temple(s). The pass even got my photo printed on it, this is to prevent the pass being passed to others.
Bakong Temple

Bakong temple appears to be the first pyramid-style temple build in Cambodia. It's a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva.

The reason why Bakong temple is called "temple-mountain".

The destroyed bull statute facing the temple is believed to be a scarification to Shiva (Hindu).

Our private guide "Mr. Bun", explaining to us on how the stones were carried by the elephants from Khulen mountain to build Bakong temple.

The beautifully-carved Apsara dancer.

Mr. Bun who was so excited to tell us the history of Bakong temple.

view from north-gate of Bakong temple

How on earth can they build this temple with huge yet heavy stone(s), their size must be triple my size ~imagine that~
Bakong temple really looks like pyramid from this angle.

Elephant statute was carved on a huge stone as a appreciation to the elephants for carrying the stones from Khulen mountain to build Bakong temple.

Bakong temple, is a mountain-temple to remember.
Preah Ko

This temple is believed to be the first temple built in Rolous Group and it was dedicated to Hinduism.

Preah Ko is also known as temple of Sacred Bull, derives its name from the many bull statutes placed facing the temple's central tower.

One of the bull (Nandi) sculptures in front of the base platform.

showing us the difference,the sandstone and the new bricks restored by the French

the Shiva God statute restored by French

finely carved stucco

finely carved Sanskrit on the stones tell the stories on how the temple was built

beautifully carved stucco of Apsara dancer(s)

Most of the carved stucco of Apsara dancer statute's heads were stolen and destroyed by the bandits and French restored them

Preah Ko is a must see temple.


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