Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Angkot Wat - Cambodia Part II

Angkor Wat

Next destination is Angkor Wat temple. The best known temple in Cambodia , the largest religious building in the world. The temple was first dedicated to Vishnu.

Let's get going to the temple!! Me walking on the original bridge built during Angkorian era, and on my right side is the one restored by French. Can you see the different?

Angkor Wat temple attracts more than thousand tourist a day, can you believe that? More than thousand tourist o.k? Amazing temple attracts amazing number of tourist.

Moat surrounding Angkot Wat. Believe to have thousand of crocodiles in the water during Angkor empire.

"Show your pass here, please" which is a must thing to do before you enter the temple.

From the point of view of tourist, monks dressed in their striking orange saffron robes, make an excellent photo shots, particularly if they happen to carry modern accessory such as hand phone or umbrella. If asked, monks are usually happy to be photographed. But for ladies, be careful around monks. Try not to walk too near to them, as one of their vows is to forego any physical contact with the fairer sex.

A carved stone lion statute stands on guard near a causeway over the huge water reservoir and moat surrounding Angkor Wat.

Luckily we went there during dry-cold season, hot but breezy.

Angkor Wat reflected in moat.

Beautiful Angkor Wat.

Seven headed serpent or "naga"forms a stone balustrade besides a walkway leading into a building of Angkor Wat.

This is just the beginning of my journey, and a lot more to explore after this...

Me cam-whoring before entering the second level of Angkor Wat.

Huge Angkor Wat, small me. This place where i sat on is believed to be a pool during Angkorian era. The water stored in the pool is believed to be a holy water. Those who were sick and drank water from this pool, would be cured. How true was that? Only if there's water in the pool, i would dare to try..Too bad, the pool has dried more water left for me.. LOL

Me trying so hard to climb the long, steep flight of stairs, that explains why it's being called stairway to heaven.

Such a tiring vacation ever!! Non stop walking and climbing.

Me at the second level of Angkor Wat.

Lotus flowers were sources of inspiration for Angkor Wat.

incredibly huge Angkor Wat temple makes me look so tiny here

majestic towers shaped like lotus buds
let's listen & watch this video, what Mr. Bun has to say about this temple


Unique architectural site of Angkor

Mr. Bun: "Faster you guys, come here, i want to tell you guys about this wall"
Me: "Wait Mr. Bun, can't you see? I'm in the midst of taking pic here"

Mr. Bun : "Such a hot day in Cambodia, let's drink"
Me : heehhehe

A fortune teller is also available here in Angkor Wat temple.

Excited me posing like a "wannabe-next top-model"

The holes were drilled by hand, and later hooks were placed into the holes and pull by the elephant from Khulen mountain to build the Angkor Wat temple. Two holes mean one elephant was used to pull the sandstone.

Bullet holes on the wall

Sanskrit words carved on the stone, full of stories of Angkorian era.

Steep flight of stairs that killed the King

Larva stones as a base foundation to build the Angkor Wat temple.

Apsara Dancer

During Angkorian era, Apsara dance performances were enjoyed by Kings and common people.

The graceful movements of the Apsara dancer are carved on the walls.


The face and some other body parts of this Apsara dancer is shiny from close to a thousand years of having people touch and rub it, probably hoping that they will become as pretty as the carved apsara dancer.

Angkor Wat really deserves its title as the 7th wonder of the world.



kenwooi said...

nice place! lovely shots!
and your orange shirt certainly stands out in all the pictures! =D

Kelvin said...

So magnificent:) U are the 1st blog tat made my com load for so long on ur homepage haha:)

Iban lady said...

kenwooi, monks dressed in their striking orange saffron robes, make an excellent photo shots,that explains y im wearing orange..hehehe

Iban lady said...

kelvin, hahahahha, funny that ur com loadin4 so long when viewing my page, thanks for dropping by. still lotsa more to update on my journey to this amazing land of khmer.

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Hie there, this is the best posting on Angkor Wat so far with adequate photos and captions..appreciate it:D

Iban lady said...

TFS, thanks (^O^)/

cr3ap said...

Nice pictures of Angkor Wat temple.

Regards from cr3ap

Aidi-Safuan said...

wah! really want to go there!

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