Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I feel like flying!!

I feel like flying!!

I am flying!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Genting theme park - Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Part I

Theme Park in Genting Highland

Go and experience the thrills and chills at the theme park in Genting Highland.
How to go there?
You may drive till the peak
go by bus + cable car

We took a bus from the KL Sentral. You may purchase the ticket at the "Genting counter" at level 2, KL Sentral

The tickets for two. Blue for the bus. Yellow for the cable car. Orange to keep.

See ^_^ such a tiny gondola

Looks like a toy...But it's a real gondola and it's moving

Up..and up..and up until the peak!! It's getting colder and colder once we reached the peak.. Not to forget to wear long sleeve and thick shirt..or else you might get sick.. (Used to be even colder 10 years back)

The best scenery!! Green green jungle ^O^ with mountains all around

Finally, we reached the peak...

Relaxing view

Spent a night at this hotel (The First World Hotel)

^_^ Time to have fun!!

Excited me!

The first hotel to be built in Genting..

The cool mountain air make it exhilarating experience to enjoy the many rides at the outdoor theme park.

Let's go to the outdoor theme park
Flying chairs the SPINNER.. I love this one... ^_^

PIRATE SHIP. A true high seas adventure...

The adrenaline pumping SPACE SHOT. It lift up into the air and provides an exciting G-force on the way up and a feeling of weightlessness on the way down. Sounds scary..but it's fun. ^O^

The antique car. The only car i can drive ever since Ive got my P license.

SUNGAI REJANG FLUME RIDE. Thought of not to get wet. But this ride, i was 90% wet when the log splashed into the water.

BUMPER BOAT. Fun on the water in the bumper boats and steer my way into bumping others.

Teerak is taking his own sweet time to read the rules & regulations while queuing.

GRAND PRIX FUN KART. Here is your chance to exceed all speed limits and test your reflexes and driving skills.
Really had fun at the outdoor theme park & would love to go there again..

Go and book your ticket now HERE

Meet Ashley


She's a Siamese+Persian breed. Adopted from SPCA, Ampang (my housemate adopted her).

She loves to groom herself...

All day long grooming

Pouty lips?

Ashley: No..not pouty lips, but milk-milk. I want milk-milk ^_^

Playing hide & seek

curious with what she saw...

Ain't she's adorable? ^_^

Ashley: Meow...meow...bye bye

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 Malaysia

Malaysia truly Asia!!! Guess, where is me in the photo??

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spooky white spots - Cambodia PART V

Spooky white spots found at the Noon-Night Market, Siem Reap Cambodia. What are those? I was told by a friend that those may be caused by exposures of lights or/and dust.. How true is that? Cause i have the thought that those white spots are "spirits".

I was having goose-bum the moment i saw those white spots appeared on my digi-cam.

It can't be caused by exposures of lights, or dust, or rain, or.... They must be "spirits"..

Again, the same thing happened at Sarawak rain forest. This photo was taken during my visit to Niah cave, Miri Sarawak. The spooky white spots appear. No lights, No dust, No rain... when this photo was taken. They must be "spirits"....

This photo was taken inside the Niah cave, Miri Sarawak... At first i thought my digi-cam's lens was dirty (covered with dust), and i wiped it off and captured another photo but the same thing happened...the white spots still appear....

Eerie isn't it?

Until now, i still don't know..whether those white spots are really "spirits" or just caused by exposures of lights/ dust/ rain etc .....

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