Monday, April 19, 2010

Apsara dance

No visit to Cambodia is complete without at least a quick glimpse of women performing the ancient art of the Apsara dance, as depicted on the wall of Angkor Wat.

Apsara dance is one of the most popular classical dance in Cambodia.

Dance has been part of Khmer culture.

The graceful movements of the Apsara dancers, adorned with gold headdresses and silken tunics and skirts, are carved on the walls of many of the temples at Angkor.

Many of the dances involve performing a fragment of the Ramayana, the ancient Indian epic that is one and a half times as long as the Odyssey.

Beautiful female Apsara dancers, Cambodia.

The dancing and cultural attires are just beautiful.


Watch the Apsara dance show here ^..^


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kenwooi said...

interesting.. i've never been to cambodia.. perhaps one day =)

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