Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crocodile meat for dinner- Cambodia Part V

Ever taste the crocodile meat?
Wanna have a try?

Go and taste it at this restaurant called the Cambodian BBQ in Siem Reap (located at the Pub Street), Cambodia.

You can also try the kangaroo meat, the ostrich meat, the frog legs, or the snake...

A very nice interior design... A mixture of "Mongolian + English"

Deep fried chicken skin- the appetizer - tastes like plastic

Chewable deep fried chicken skin

The main course we ordered

the Crocodile meat

the Frog legs

the Pork

This is how the frog leg looks like... looks like mini chicken drum stick

Warming up before eating up the crocodile meat...

The crocodile tasted like combination of chicken and fish- soft and sweet..

Mr Crocs: Crocodile meat, anyone?


Jonshea said...

Love how they labelled the main course! :3

Weird Dan said...

Eh, I got try kangaroo meat before when I was in Perth.

Not bad not bad

jfook said...

mmm.. I don't dare to eat crocodile meat lar..

-f-l-o- said...

Blimey. Everything else, I can take. But CHICKEN SKIN???? Nooooooooo. :-)

Dee Loner said...

wow.... you sure have a strong tummy to eat all that. I can't even eat a frog. ehe.. Not that I haven't try it before, but I guess I'm not that open enough for that kind of meat just yet..

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