Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot springs -Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Part III

T.R.A.P the Hot Springs

After goggling here and there (where to go- for the hot springs) , We finally made it to Sungkai.

our destinatination is TRAP (Taman Rekreasi Air Panas) Sg. Klah, Sungkai, Perak...

After an hour journey on the straight highway which made me half asleep, we were then welcomed by this "kampung road"..

close-up~ "WATCH OUT" for the chicken/moo-moo cow!!

Entrance ticket: Adult- RM10 only (Note the date: it was supposed to be Nov 2009)

Purchase your ticket before you enter the TRAP..

Ticket for tram: RM2.00 only

The "tram"

hot sunny day at Sungkai

Teerak: We shall go to the hot springs pool first..
Me: Jom (^o^)/'

The hot springs pool

the water is hot!!!

What's this?? Jacuzzi or something? nope, this is where you can boil the eggs..i mean..chicken/duck/bird egg(s)...not the HIS eggs...

egg boiling activity, got instruction on how long to boil the egg

eggs are all boiled..ready to be eaten

Therapy park... which is more like a "feet boiling section" to me..

the green alga pool..

First attempt to "boil" my's HOT!!!!

the water really hot until my feet turn red..see~

boil" your feet until they turn red like this.....yummy feet.. (^o^) hahaha

mini volcano

Board walk + natural sauna....

Stinky smell.. smell like rotten egg

Mountain springs pool

it's cold...burrr

Feel like heaven...


kRaZy said...

looks fun =)

ohmywtf said...

wah...boil egg activity?? interesting! :-)

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