Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's fly to Borneo - Cuit-cuti Malaysia Part IV

How does it feel to go home?
Feel excited?


Im not going home alone this time, but Teerak is coming with me.
It's more like, introducing him to my cultures, my place and my family.

Our destination is Miri, Sarawak.

Miri is a city of northern Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is the second largest city in Sarawak. The first oil well was drilled by Shell in 1910 (the Grand Old Lady), and is now a state monument and one of Miri’s tourist attractions.

We took Malaysian Airline System (M.A.S) and flew to Miri early in the morning.

The bright sky make me feel like in heaven, though i've never been to heaven before...

The journey to Miri took about 2 hours, i slept along the journey and only woke up when the breakfast was served.

the moment the Captain announced that plane soon going to touch down, i looked outside my window and was amazed with what i saw... i was amazed to see the beach...
and i told Teerak that the first thing we going to do that day is to go to the beach..

oil palm estate, next project to develop in Miri

oil palms has now conquer Miri, after the oil & gas

Marina Bay
Marina bay Miri is a place where you can see this huge sea horse statute/lighthouse.

The sea horse statute/light house is a symbol of marine life in Miri.

A very relaxing place as it's breezy plus the breath-taking ocean view ...

Leo's kids ^..^
Tanjung Lobang

Next destination is Tanjung Lubang which is just few minutes drive from Marina bay.

Tanjung Lobang is best for picnic and sight-seeing as it offers nice ocean view.

No swimming is allowed due to strong current.

But then again, don't get frustrated cause you can still go for sight seeing ^..^ and witness the breath taking sun set..

the breath taking sun set view

the bridge to "heaven"?

the bridge is actually used as a platform to get a closer view of the sun set..

the waves hit the sea shores and say....
"good night"


Huge dick found on the stone pillar at Lutong beach!!!
i found this is so artistic.. ^..^

Flying human?

I found out that this motor parachute activity is popular amongst local..

showing off my dress ^..^, which i bought for only RM10 at E-mart supermarket (local people loves to shop there as it offers cheap price)

with my playful half brother.. Billy

again Leo's kids

sea shell, it's alive!!!

Billy: Wow!! look at the sky. so bright!!!
Teerak: Ya lor, so bright....

the sun set

I'm in love with the sun set...

Best place for couple as it offers romantic scenery

Billy who is amazed to see the sun set, stood there like a stone

and after a while he danced gracefully..enjoying the sun set

How i wish i can stay even longer at the beach..
but it was too dark to stay as the sun set ended
and night conquered

^..^ LOL

Up next, UNESCO world heritage site, Niah Cave.

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