Sunday, April 25, 2010

Orchid & Bunga Raya - Cuti-cuti Malaysia Part V

Orchid lover? Are you?
If you are the orchid lover, You may be amazed with the collections they have here at the Orchid Garden located at the Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur.

this place is worth visiting if you like flowers and best place for photography as well

The entrance fee is free on weekdays and RM1 is charged on weekends & public holidays.

Get a ride on the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus.

A very relaxing place

Look at these Orchids, they are awesome!

We cam-whoring with the orchids ^_^

Array collection of orchids they have here

i like this one, the color just awesome..

Look at these! The orchids are planted on a sponge? looks gross from this angle..the sponge has been covered by the roots & green moss

the water coming out from the orchid replica.. so creative

the (leaves) shadow have made a great mural on the wall

I'm the gardener

The orchid bazaar on the edge of the garden has more collections

Angel ^_^

i was so tempted to buy these orchids

The orchids are so beautiful

and smell sweet too..

Teerak was amazed to see the orchid.

these are orchids too, but another species of orchid

Just a stone throw away is the Hibiscus garden where you will be able to see the many of hibiscus are planted here.

Hibiscus is a Malaysia's national flower.

Does it look nice on me?

Ever seen creeping hibiscus ? You can see it here..

This place is best for outdoor photography ^_^

a pre-wedding photo shoot perhaps..


just a portrait shoot?
awesome too..

Why wait? Let's go to the Orchid & hibiscus garden and go SNAP SNAP your photos there...


jfook said...

Owh..I never KL got orchid farm even though I'm currently studying in KL. Thanks for sharing. Nice photos.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Love the Orchids!
NIce Pics. :)

ajjah said...

back to nature, i likeee

M-Knight said...

indeed a nice place for photography...

Susan said...

yup, the orchids are awesome. i was tempted to buy the orchids, but couldn't decide which orchid to purchase and end up buy nothing..hahaha.yup, it's an awesome place for photography as well..lalalala, let's go..let's go there..

ohmywtf said...

nice orchids...ALMOST nicer than u ..LOL

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ohmywtf so mean! LOL..Hey susan. thanks for sharing! BTW, i love flowers too! My house (hometown) is filled with orchids. BTW, how much is the entrance fee? Is it expensive. The orchids there for sale as well?

Susan said...

OHMYWTF!!!what the orchirds almost nicer than me?? huhuuhu

msxeroz nicole, the entrance fee is rm1.00 only (weekend & public holidays),and FREE on weekdays. There's a bazaar selling orchids on the edge of the garden. they are all beautiful... ^_^

Weird Dan said...

hahaha.. i love ohmywtf comments LOLOLOL owning.


ketikketok said...

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