Monday, April 12, 2010

SPIRAL is my new nickname

my new nickname is S.P.I.R.A.L
why Spiral?

it's all because of the baju kurung i wore that day..the spirals (pattern) placed on both of my "twins" ..that's when my colleague (the penguin) named me Spiral.

The spirals (pattern) have enhanced my "twins" from the A-cup size to

the D' cup size.

im just so confuse now..
SPIRAL is my new nickname or my "twins" nickname?


Jan said...

LOL! Funny! Try wearing Madonna's iconic cone bra next time. Hehe.

Kelvin said...

Hahahaha, the guy beside u is scared out of his wits?

Weird Dan said...

OMG... lol. Miss Spiral. Can I call you that in innit XP

Susan said...

:P, u may call me spiral, but not squirrel a..

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