Friday, April 2, 2010

Zoo Negara - Cuti-cuti Malaysia Part II

Let's go to the zoo and meet the animals who got talent to entertain!!

Me: Ha ha ha ha, so funny!! Look at it's beak. So LONG!!

The birdy then

showing off it's "birdy"

meet another Pervert

who enjoys doing***18sx

which turns me into a devil that day

Giraffes in love

How i wish i also have horns.

Teerak: See, the deer is licking it's leg. Even a deer knows how to groom itself.

The sun bear who is under medical treatment.

Sexy eyes horse.

Flexible neck donkey.

Do my eyes look like Ilma's eyes?

Me: Can i touch your eye lashes?

Me: Help!! Dont bite me!!

Luckily the cow didn't bite me and I went home in one piece.

Feel bored at home? Feel lonely? Why wait? Go and meet the animals now!!

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kenwooi said...

haha.. the monkey.. lol.. but i cant see the bird's birdy =P

Theeggyolks said...

OMG! what is that monkey doing?? peeling banana?? LOL!!

Muhd Naim said...

as usual. the animal minds are hard to understand.

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