Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunway Lagoon - Cuti-cuti Malaysia Part VI

Think wet, think of Sunway Lagoon water-park.
The huge blue bird welcomed us at the entrance.

Getting ready to get wet!

Nothing but cam whoring

Praise & worship

Bless them with holy water

Guess what is this?

or boobies?

it's a man sculpture

what is the outcome if it's the ladies craft it?

ta da..

i'm flying

Dym did the Y.M.C.A

Veeky did ballet

We are dancing

with joy

and happiness

excited me, riding on the floating Tyre

How to have fun with this thing?
let me show you

use it to slide down...

you must be at least 1.1 m before you're allowed to go for the next water game

They're ready for the next challenge..

again, another water- sliding

and again
wa..aa.... !!


JAI said...

hahaha..nice picture

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Born and bred in KL but never visited Sunway Lagoon - the only time I was there was when it was just a tin mine hole - my dad was the mining engineer that designed the deep mine

Susan said...

been in kl more than 10 years..and finally i made it to sunway lagoon..

it's enjoyable when friends are around.. ^_^

jfook said...

Long time didn't go to Sunway lagooon already.

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