Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Genting Indoor games

Indoor games?? All you need is the flexi E-zi card.. You can have it for RM20(20 token) plus RM10 the deposit, and total up RM30.

The clown game machine that attracted me.. this game is super fun!!! all you need to do is, control the stering and make sure that Mr. clown is jumping on the trampolin and his head hit the out!! dont let Mr. clown fall down, if not you'll game over!!

Really had fun playing this clown game..and it has circus music as well..This game will cost you 3 token

call me TUAN-TUAN!! Yes, Tuan-Tuan..
This is another cute game.
Firstly, you need to take a good shot of yourself..
and your photo will appear like this..

how to play this game?? All you need to do is:-
If Tuan-Tuan is holding the strawberry cake, the you have to press the strawberry cake button (various photo of cakes will appear at the bottom of Tuan-Tuan). Make sure you press the correct button, if not you'll loss point.

Make sure you focus when you play this game...

while your eyes focusing on the screen..make sure your hands are pressing on the correct buttons as well... and make it as fast as you can..

NEXT.. level is..

press the button while the hen is sleeping..

Yes, press and press the button as fast as you can while the hen is sleeping... you'll earn more points


Stop pressing the button when the hen is awake..if not you'll loss mark!!

hahahaha.. what a funny game to play!! i only manage to play up until level 2... grr.. only if i have enough token to play.. this game will cost you 4 token.

once you're game over.. do not forget to collect the tickets underneath the game machine.. you can redeem gift..
tada!!! my tickets!!! lots of them!!!

wonder what can i redeem with these tickets...

ahhahaha... i can only redeem for the fridge magnet and the key chain... lalalala... RM2O for this 2 things?? Though it's sound expensive..but i really had fun playing those machine games..

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