Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Island of corals - PART I

Redang Island is well known for its corals and turtles.
And my destination this time would be
REDANG ISLAND click here

Me and Teerak took a bus (double decker Transnational bus) from the PWTC Kuala Lumpur bus terminal to Kuala Terengganu. It took us 7 hours to be on road until we reached our destination to the Kuala Terengganu bus terminal.

I slept like a dead fish during the whole journey. Thank God I've got myself a comfy air pillow which i bought at DAISO for just RM5.00. The bus only stop once. Just imagine, for 7 hours journey, you got only 1 chance to go to washroom/toilet? The only nightmare one would face when travel by bus.

We finally reached Kuala Terengganu after 7 hours journey on road (9pm-4am). On our arrival, we were greeted by the tour agent's driver "Ping Anchorage Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd" (he was 1 1/2 hours late), he then drove us to the Ping Anchorage Inn, where we spent a few hours relaxing and resting before we went to take the boat at Merang Jetty at 9am.

At 9am, the driver drove us to the Merang jetty. While waiting for our boat to arrive, we wandering around and window shopping for the souvenirs.

Should't have brought so many things with back is aching & painful..A lesson to learn, never ever stuff too many things into the bag when you go for backpacker !!! Now i look more like a leather-back sea turtle.

For those who travel with their own vehicles, do not worry about the parking. There are parking shelters available for rent.

The boats at the jetty are waiting for tourist to board.

Each chalet has it's own boat...

The weather was a bit cloudy and windy..

rain has came to conquer the island.. We were all wet. A lesson to learn, always bring plastic bag to wrap your bag/ electronic gadgets and a rain coat to save you from being wet..

it was still raining when we arrived at the island..luckily i got myself an umbrella..
let's tour the island!!

Pasir Panjang beach or affectionately known as Long Beach is the longest strength of white sandy beach in Redang.

wet beach after the rain..

relaxing on hammock

while having this blissful view of the south china sea

rain has gone it's time to get tan!!
with my clothes on??
maybe later, as the sun still hiding behind the cloud..

A brief introduction about my chalet. I spent 2 nights at this chalet called Redang Holiday Beach Villa click here. Thumb up goes to Redang Holiday Beach Villa for its good service. I enjoyed my stay there.

Redang Holiday Beach Villa is located on the long beach, cozily at the edge of the lagoon.

Do i look like a model??
Perhaps, i should have put my bikini on ..
mode: sexy!!!

It's not a lie when people said the water in Redang island is crystal clear .. It is crystal clear!!

crystal clear water = is proven!!

crystal clear + blue + green water = great combination of colors
let's cam whoring!!

p/s: i should frame this photo and hang it on the wall, i look so blend with the water!!! hahaha

It was hot sunny day..I hardly can open my eyes...

a walk to remember..

a moment to share..

a jump to joy

a boat to...???
grr, i'm out of word...

I can't recall why i ran towards the camera..but this is what going to happen if you've wrongly set the timer..

and finally, the sun has set down... time to go for dinner!!!

to be continued...

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