Thursday, September 30, 2010

Island of corals - PART II

Snorkeling is the main activity on Redang island and rightly so as the coral reefs are quite spectacular. Many resort packages include snorkeling tour by boat to nearby islands.

However, the snorkeling equipments are not included in the package and you have to rent it.

life jacket and snorkel mask for rent

with a life jacket on and snorkel mask in hand..Teerak is ready to go underwater..

hardly can breath when i put on this snorkel mask...

cuteness (p/s:don't puke!!)

With bread in's time to feed the fishes..

Teerak who was so tempted to eat the bread..

Me: fishy..fishy..where are you?? I've got bread for you....

Me: Oh, there you are..

Once we took out the bread pieces..the fishes were in madness eating the bread pieces..

2 of us with 2 fishes

Let me present to you... "MR SEA CUCUMBER!!"

Corals, alive one!

Me: the corals are in good condition..checked!!

colorful coral..

sea shell found..but dead one

Christmas tree corals..

really looks like Christmas trees..

The fishes wandering around the corals..

while me, camwhoring with the corals

Let's get closer to the fishes

are you ready?? It's time to feed the fishes..

Fishy: I see bread!! yummy!!

Fishy: Bread, i like!!!

Me: Come, fishy, fishy..let's eat bread..

Me: ouch.!!! Fishy bite me!!

Fishy said they love bread..

Teerak: Bread is good for health!!

p/s: make sure you place the bread in a bottle, so that it wont get soaked in the salt water..

Snorkeling is fun!!
Feeding the fishes is even more!!

Island of corals-PART I click here

to be continued...

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