Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lambir Hill National Park

Let me introduce you to the Lambir Hill National Park.

Me & Mummy cam whoring before we start our journey..

The longest wooden bridge i ever saw

We walked deep inside the jungle

and walked down the hill

and walked again

and again

until we found this suspension bridge

Read the signboard!!! "Limit 10 person maximum at one time"

Do i look like a model? hahahaha...

A very nice view from the suspension bridge, below it is a river and further up is the waterfall

watch out!! walk slowly when you're on the bridge..if not the bridge will be moving and you'll be out of balance..

at the end of the suspension bridge you'll see this waterfall

What's the name of the waterfall?
hmm.. no signboard found..
i would name it "Narak Waterfall"!!! hahaha.. (this isn't the famous waterfall in Lambir anyway..) We still haven't reached there..

We walked further up..and found this green plants grow on the stone

There are two waterfalls at Lambir Hill National Park.
But we only went to the Latak Waterfall as it is the nearest waterfall..

On our way to Latak waterfall, i was amazed to see the river. The water is super amazing beautiful!!

Looks like I'm posing in front of a wall paper, but I'm not, this is real one..

The bridge linked across the river

Yes!! We have finally reached the so called "Latak Waterfall"

Latak? what that supposed to mean?
To my understanding, in Iban language, Latak means "mud"..

Mud? is there any mud?

There's aren't any big stones surrounding the waterfall..
and YES!!.the waterfall pool is quite muddy and sandy..
that's where this waterfall gets its name..
the "Muddy Waterfall" or better called as "Latak Waterfall".

The waterfall isn't that big. It looks more like falling water from the water tap.

and yes, it does look like water fountain as well..
yee..haa...I'm flying!!!

and from far, it looks more like broken pipe..
hahaha, just my imagination..

the water is cold..
if you ever dream to put on your bikini at this place..
i would advise you, keep on dreaming.
this place is not suitable for bikini, cause you might not want to catch flu and attract those unwanted creatures (you name it- insects, reptiles?? more to mammal i would say)..

a very blissful scenery, the sun light has conquered!!

white fog? no it's not..
it's actually, smoke coming from the burning charcoal..

yup, you can go for bbq and picnic as well..

as for us, we only go for site seeing..

We didn't go to Nibong waterfall, as daddy said nothing much you can see there..

so we ended up our journey at Latak Waterfall

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