Thursday, May 5, 2011

Borneo Hornbil Festival

The Borneo Hornbill Festival will officially begin on 21.7.2011, for the preliminary round of Ethnic Costume Show; follow by Ethnic Dance Show on the following day. There will be booths set up around the venue and short presentations and workshops scheduled throughout the day. Visitors can choose to browse the exhibition and merchandise booths while waiting for the scheduled presentations.

The exhibition and sales booths are expected to feature attractions like trinkets of handicrafts, exotic fashion accessories and signature Sabah/Sarawak interior decorations and furnishings.We expect to garner a lot of interest in the proposed tattoo exhibits, basket weaving demonstration, bead designs, ´pua kumbu´ weaving, carvings from wood and bamboo, and pottery sale and demonstration.

There will also be stalls serving the signature dishes of Sarawak/Sabah, among others are the ´kolo mee´, laksa Sarawak, kek lapis, umai and fried midin.The cultural performance showcase will be a choreography of dance, musical and vocal performances.

Get your ticket from:
1. online at CLICK HERE
2. Rock Corner & Victoria Music outlets


dellyne said...

Aku geram.. This year ticket so expensive RM80-90 huhhh..
Last year if not mistaken is RM10 only

Susan said...

now that WS has revised the ticket fee to RM35.. ^_^/

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