Monday, July 25, 2011

Kumang Iban BHF KL 2011 - Veeky-Leonora's note

It's all women dreams to be crowned as a "Beauty Queen".. Veeky-Leonora, who dressed in the original iban lady costume has won the title "KUMANG IBAN BORNEO HORNBILL FESTIVAL KL 2011". She only wore the rawai tinggi (high corset) around her waist. She has made a change, that to be crowned as a Kumang Iban, one does not necessarily has to be pretty, wear colorful; heavier; or full accessories, but one must know what to wear and how to wear em'..

Words of appreciation from Veeky-Leonora;

Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity congratulate and thank Warisan Sarawak and its wonderful crew on their good effort in organising this event The Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011 and was successfully done. This is a perfect platform for us to show the beauty of our Borneo Culture as well as a stepping stone for the younger generation to boost their confidence onstage.

I was very impressed and proud with the performance of this year's Kumang and Keling contestants for all the categories. They indeed did their homework in researching the costumes and performed well during the Q and A session. It takes the gut of steel to even register yourself for this competition as even my knees go weak on stage, but with the brief training and guidance prepared by Warisan Sarawak together with its crew we managed to nail the stage down that very night. Not forgetting the endless encouragement from my new found friends gives each and everyone of us the morale boost to get through this.

I see that some contestants would be trying their luck again for next year....Kudos to you and never give up. However, my word of advise is RESEARCH,RESEARCH and RESEARCH! it from books, Mr.GOOGLE, visits to museums and antique shops and even your family and friends. Don't be shy to ask because answers will be revealed if you were to ask (and listen to the advise given too).

It was timely for me to show how Indu Dara Insin Temaga would wear her costume.

As this was my first time joining such pageant, me and my Manager, Susan Leo decided to go all out for this event.

I must also thank Ms. Jacqueline Selaka Mawar, Mr. Gregory Nyanggau, Mr. Vernon Kedit and Ms. Patricia Momyus for advising us on how a true ngepan Indu Iban should be worn. The journey to find Indu Dara Insin Temaga really inspired me to hold as close as I can to originality. Through the research being done, I know my roots even more even if it just communicating with my elderly. So my dear friends, don't be shy to ask people, read more, explore all the possibilities of your culture and you'll be surprised to know once they're revealed.

To all my friends and supporters...Thank you for your endless support especially my dear friend Susan Leo with her sleepless nights, my mum, dad and brother Nielsen-Nikki, my Keling Johnney Slyvester for his encouragement and everyone who believes that I have what it takes to pursue this objective, to show Indu Dara Insin Temaga.. Thank you also for your friendship my new found friends, a great pleasure knowing all of you, please forgive me if I did anything wrong. Hope we can keep in touch...

Be proud being Anak Sarawak...remember "You can always take a Sarawak Girl (or boy) out from Sarawak but never Sarawak out from a Sarawak Girl or Boy."

Lots of Love from me and God bless all of you. Cheers!

Veeky-Leonora Andria

"Kumang Iban PWSKL 2011"

"Dikelala bungai ari kayu, dikelala buah ari langgu, dikelala bansa ari jaku, dikelala adat ari penyiru,dikelala kaban ari ngepan"....

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Bc Buddy said...

Congratulations again to Veeky for winning and bringing back the original Iban lady attire to the eyes of the new generations. :)

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