Monday, January 23, 2012

Sea Walker, Bali

Do you ever think of walking on the bottom of the ocean? Imagine walking right on the bottom of the ocean and witness the sea life of all kind without have to get your hair wet. Try sea walker, it's easy . All you need is to put on the diving helmet and the ocean is all yours. 
The boat that took us to the sea walker station. 

The sea walker station is just 3-5 km from the beach..

It was tremendously hot..

The instructor said " Put your head straight up. Do not bend down cause if you bend, the water will  fill the helmet. If that so, put your head straight and the water will go"..i got it..Head straight up!!!
Please pay attention to every single sing language taught by the instructor. 

It's time to put on the 5 kg helmet
Remember to put your head straight up..inhale and exhale normally..

That thing on Teerak's shoulder is actually a pad shoulder to support and pad the heavy helmet
Yeay..We're now walking on the bottom of the ocean..

Safety comes first..make sure you hold the "X" thingy holder if you don't to get lost ..
The instructor will somehow guide you where to go.

Nemo the clown fish

A lot of fishes...

With helmet on, you can see the fishes swimming  right in front of your face. 

 i was kissed by a sweet that can be, huh?

I was amazed to be surrounded by a school of fishes

Sea walker is a unique diving system. One need to put on the diving helmet and walk around with the "X" iron thingy guided bt the instructor. Able to see the fishes swimming right in front your face. well, there nothing like this in other places but Bali. Why wait? Let's have a try!!

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Miss A said...

We call this helmet diving in my country. I wanted to try it but my cousin told me that the helmet is very heavy.

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