Monday, May 7, 2012

Singgahsana Lodge, Kuching

If you're about to visit Kuching, Sarawak and yet to know where to stay, i would suggest you to stay at Singgahsana Lodge, Kuching. Singgahsana Lodge is a truly unique guesthouse decorated in a local style. Strategically located along Temple Street in the heart of beautiful Kuching City, Singgahsana Lodge is only 20 steps from the famed Kuching Waterfront.
Once you enter the reception area, you'll see these authentic decoration of pua kumbu and uniquely crafted ladder
Our room is the en-suite bathroom with queen size bed. Amazingly the room has an attic
Us at the attic
spacious and cozy at the attic
The best thing about Singgahsana Lodge is its bar placed at the roof top.
Decorated in local style, great ambiance//
I find this creative. Travellers all around the world who stayed here scribbled thier says on the wall.

Draw what ever you like on the wall// great place to express yourself
As there's no longer space for you to scribble your say, some even scribble it on the floor..

Let's chill and play board game
Aking & Afai : battle begins with laugh//
Me trying to play the Iban musical instument called "grunung"// Unfortunately it sound nothing like "iban taboh"
If you find board game is too boring, perhaps you can play the pool or the table soccer  game
Dym lazying on the leather chair
While lazying, you can also watch football match on the big screen
raised platform where you can just lounge around
getting fresh air at the roof top// relaxing though

If you're thinking of planning a trip to the land of headhunters soon, i would  suggests that you give singgahsana lodge a try. They do accept online booking. 

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HenRy LeE said...

seems like a pretty natural and cozy place to stay in. Open air weih! haha :)

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